Stop the IRS from silencing nonprofit groups!

File a comment now  demanding the proposed rules that would silence many nonprofits be fixed or withdrawn. You can comment anonymously.

Proposed IRS regulations would make it difficult or impossible for nonprofit advocacy groups to effectively speak out about Congress and issues.

The rules would define huge amounts of nonpartisan speech as “political” and subject to limits. Groups that focus on a single issue or are helped by volunteers would be hurt the most.

Instead of getting the IRS out of the business of regulating speech about government policies, the proposal would police even more speech.

Groups spanning the spectrum, including the ACLU and the US Chamber of Commerce, have harshly criticized this radical proposal by the IRS.

Limiting your First Amendment rights is a bad idea. Use your free speech rights today to demand the IRS fix the proposal or withdraw it. The law on writing regulations requires the IRS to consider your comments. Don’t let the IRS assume your silence means consent.

Click here to file an official comment with the IRS telling them you oppose this proposed rule. The comment period ends February 27th, so it’s important to act quickly

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The most important thing is for you to submit a comment, even if you only write one sentence or copy one of our sample comments. You can file anonymously.

If you have time, your comment will be more effective if you use your own words and file longer comments. Click here for more information by other experts on the proposed rules. It is okay to file a short comment now, and then a second longer comment when you have more time.